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09:00 Registration    For in-person attendees
10:00 Introductions Process Chemistry and Technology Group
          An introduction to the topics of the day

10:05 King Kuok (Mimi) Hii ROAR, Imperial College, London
          The Age of Digital Chemistry

10:35 Nicholas Jose Cambridge University
          Applying artificial intelligence to create self-driving
          chemical laboratories

11:00 Stuart Little JMP Statistical Discovery
          Sponsor Presentation: How JMP is enabling the future
         of process chemistry & technology

11:10 Jon-Paul Sherlock AstraZeneca
          Accelerating medicines development through digitalisation

11:35 Jason Williams Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH
          Incorporating Digitalization and Automation in the Development
          of Flow Processes for API Synthesis
12:00 Panel Discussion Speakers from the morning session and Andrea                          Sauerwein, Johnson Matthey
          Topics including: What do we mean by “digital”in the context of science,              engineering, R&D, andmanufacturing? What are the relevant digitalization            technologies? How can these technologies enable better process                          chemistry and technology?

12:30 Networking Lunch
           Poster exhibition and discussion tables for in-person attendees

14:00 Andy Maloney The CambridgeCrystallographic DataCentre
          Late stage ideas from early development: How structural informatics                      approaches can transform pharmaceutical processes

14:30 Joan Cordiner The University of Sheffield
          Digital Future of Chemical Industry - Challenges and Opportunities

15:00 Nessa Carson AstraZeneca
           Automate Your Own HTE Workflow

15:30 Panel Discussion Speakers from the afternoon session and Markus                        Gershater,Synthace
           Topics including: What can we learn from examples outside of process                   chemistry and technology? What skills will process chemists and                           technologists need for the digital future?

A review of the day can be found here

Recordings of the panel discussions are available here

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