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Carl Steele CChem FRSC

Carl currently lives in Warrington and works for Orano Projects Limited and works in nuclear waste consultancy.  He has over 20 years of experience, working in the civil nuclear industry on technology, research and development relating to nuclear spent fuel reprocessing and waste treatment.  In his current role he is a principal waste management consultant and leads the waste consultancy section.



Dr Phil Kay CChem MRSC

Phil is an Analytics Consultant for JMP, a division of SAS.  He helps companies to reduce costs and  increase speed to market by empowering scientists with modern data analytics tools.  In this role he draws on his experience as both process development chemist and data scientist in the chemical industry



Mark Hughes MRSC

Retired from GSK Stevenage Mark has spent 15 years developing flow processes through understanding reaction kinetics and process analytics.



Dr Mukund Chorghade CChem FRSC

Mukund is President and Chief Scientific Officer, THINQ Pharma / MVRC Research/ Chicago Discovery Solutions. He has held appointments at several universities including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Cambridge. He provides synthetic chemistry and pharmaceutical development expertise to academia and industry. His research interests are in Traditional Medicine derived New Chemical Entities and the discovery of “chemosynthetic livers” that find utility in drug metabolism, valorization of biomass and environmental remediation.

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Dr Peter Clarke CChem MRSC

Based in Hong Kong, Peter runs a safety consultancy business serving high hazard industries in the oil and gas, chemical, energy and mining sectors. Find out more

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Dr Bethan Coulson MRSC

Bethan has recently joined Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells working towards sustainable energy solutions for industries such as the automotive sectors.

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Richard Hart CChem CSci FRSC

Located in the North West of England, Richard is a Principal Scientist working in Data Capture & Utilisation for Global Chemical Development at AstraZeneca.

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Siddharth Patwardhan, CChem, FRSC

Siddharth is an EPSRC Fellow in Manufacturing and a Professor of Sustainable Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He leads the Green Nanomaterials Research Group with a vision to develop sustainable manufacturing routes to functional nanomaterials. With experience of nanomaterials synthesis, green chemistry and scale-up, he aims to bridge the gaps from discovery to manufacturing. Read more at www.svplab.com

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Dr Alan Steven CChem MRSC

Alan is a chemical development scientist based in Cardiff, UK.  He works for an innovation organisation that partners with pharmaceutical companies.  He is passionate about green chemistry, manufacturing control strategy design and disruptive approaches to small molecule route and process development.

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Mariyam Bi

Mariyam is a student at The University of Sheffield, studying for an MEng in Chemical Engineering. She aims to gain industrial experience in the process engineering industry, with focus on renewable energy, sustainability and process safety. She is passionate about a career in research and her highest ambition is becoming an astronaut. Outside of her studies, she is an enthusiastic advocate for mental health and well-being, raising awareness on her social media profiles, enjoys hiking in the peak district region and channels her creativity through painting, writing and photography.

Placement student at xSeriCon and PCTG developing Proc Tank.

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Dr Andrew Byrne


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Mr Giuseppe Fiorello

IPI Global

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Dr Charles Gordon

Scale-Up Systems Limited

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Dr Fraser Kerr

Astute Pharma

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Professor David Littlejohn

University of Strathclyde

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