We plan to host multiple webinars across the year, mostly on a monthly basis. Please contact us for more information or to volunteer to present a webinar. Information on past webinars available here

Enabling direct compression: Workflow for enhanced particle attributes

via continuous spherical agglomeration

Dr Ian Houson and Dr. Nazer Rajoub,

CMAC Future Manufacturing Hub, Strathclyde University

27 April 2021 14:00 

This webinar is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances,

new dates TBC

"Closed loop system for safely handling chemical liquids and transfer process"

Giuseppe Fiorello (IPI Global Ltd), Martin Willis (IPI Global Ltd), Mark McVeigh (OQEMA Ltd), Ferenc Bajusz (Vinyl Kft)
25 May 2021 14:00-16:00

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Every day is nitrosamine day!

Dr Tony Bristow, AstraZeneca

28 June 2021 14:00

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To be confirmed

Prof Varsha Kelkar-Mane, University of Mumbai

27 July 2021 14:00

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Process Safety considerations during Scale Up

Samantha Oke, AstraZeneca

31 August 2021 14:00

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Distributed Manufacturing of Personalised Products

Prof Vivek Ranade, Queen's University Belfast.

26 October 2021 14:00

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Modern Kinetic Analysis in Chemistry

Connor Taylor, Compunetics

21 December 2021 14:00

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Webinars by CPACT of interest to our members

If you wish to register please contact Christine Stevenson on Christine.stevenson@strath.ac.uk

Application of online chromatography to enable Continuous Manufacturing

11 Feb 2021

Monitoring cleaning in Pharma at the speed of light

25 Feb 2021

Statistical-based Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)

11 Mar 2021

IChemE Webinars of interest to our members


Smart Manufacturing for the Process Industries

14 April 2021