We propose to develop a repository of information related to process chemistry. This is part of the Group’s mission to provide a means to disseminate knowledge and best practice in the field of applied process chemistry.


The repository, codenamed ProcTank, will contain several types of freely available information, such as:


  • Freely available white papers, open source journal articles, and otherwise unpublished articles

  • Information provided by commercial equipment and service providers, such as brochures, data sheets and user guides

  • Conference proceedings

  • Infographics

  • Freely distributable knowledge provided by experts in the field, such as typical process flow diagrams

  • Training information

  • A database of experts on specific areas of knowledge, who are willing to be contacted to guide others in the field

  • A catalogue of published information, such as closed-source journal articles and databooks, which ProcTank does not have the rights to store in full text form


ProcTank’s objective will be to provide a virtual library serving as a focal point for any Group members interested in finding a pathway to knowledge about process chemistry and its applications.


If you would like to help with ProcTank’s development, or you have materials and know-how that you are able to share, please contact us for further details.